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I don't have one because I am a loner

Just like the people reading this

Sorry for your disappointment
I don't have a sex story Because I am lonely.
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by Lonely old man July 22, 2019
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i was at a party with my best friend Anthony. We both had feelings for each other. This is our sex story.

We went upstairs and was on his bed watching youtube videos. His parents weren't home because they were on a cruise ship. I turn off the ipad and i put it to the side, and he looks at me weird and says, "why did you do that?" and i respond with, "you will see." I sit on his lap and start kissing him, i slowly put my tongue in his mouth and i could feel his boner. I take off his shirt, and he takes of mine. My hand makes my way down to his crotch, and i slowly feel his dick. He takes off my bra, and i start kissing his neck, then his chest, then his stomach. i pull out his 8 inch cock and I start sucking it. I spit all over it and he puts his hand on my head and talks dirty. he sits up and takes off my pants and underwear. he stops and just starts looking at me. Then out of no where he pulls me to missionary position, then puts a condom on. i reach down to start feeling my clit, and i could feel the warm cum on me already. He slowly puts it dick inside me and I gasp. he starts going faster as i moan. He moans too. he goes faster and faster, next thing you know it i'm shaking with pleasure. "ugh, you do this so well." he says to me. he goes faster, and faster, and i scream, "UGH I'M CUMMING,GO FASTER ANTHONY, FASTER!"

This continues, for 5 more minutes, then he pulls it out and nuts all over my body. We kiss some more than i fall asleep in his arms naked.
by storys.5600 August 04, 2019
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I was in 9th grade. I was waiting at the park with my friend Jenson. He and i were waiting for his girlfriend Hailey and my gorgeous friend Celeste. Celeste had an amazing body with perfect curves, breasts, and ass. She was also brunette. Her and Hailey were taking FOREVER to get to the park. Just when Jenson said we should leave, Hailey's car showed up. Celeste got out and said, "sorry we took so long. We're all going back to my house." I thought that sounded perfect and Jenson said ok.
When we got to her house, she asked if anyone wanted to play a board or card game. Hailey said she wanted to watch tv with Jenson. I went to play something with Celeste. It turns out she wanted to play strip poker... and a few rounds later im sitting in my underwear and she is in her bra and thong. As she took of her bra, my 8" got hard. She said, "i can help with that! But that means you give up!" I shrugged and said ok and she deep-throated me. I could feel myself about to cum, but she said, "Keep it in a little longer!" Finally i couldn't take it.
After cumming in her mouth, i went to see what Jenson and Hailey were up to. Jenson wasnt wearing pants and Hailey was riding him nude. I didnt want to see Jenson nude becaus im straight. This nex part is about him though... lets go back to when hailey said she wanted to watch tv...
Hailey turned on the tv to pornhub an Jenson freaked. "Waa- you want to watch porn?!" She nodded. After a while, Jenson's cock was nearly splitting his pants.
She ripped off her leggings and tore off Jenson's pants and boxers. She started riding him and he undid her shirt and bra.She giggled, "isnt this better?" He nodded as he came in her ass.
I walked downstairs with Celeste. Hailey asked if anyone wanted to play outside. Jenson went back to jerking off to porn, and Celeste said she didnt want to but that she would wait for me in her bedroom.
While hailey and i looked for something to play, she asked if i wanted to play baseball. I said with a smile, "ive got a bat and a couple of balls..." she smiled back, and said, "Id hit that." I asked, "can i get to third base?" She said, "why not go all the way home?" And unbuttoned her shirt. As she stripped down, i could feel a boner coming on strong, so i stripped down too. I ate her out and she gave me a blowjob. I shallow fucked her until she yelled "OOH DEEPER HARDER FASTER!!!" And that went on for 30 more minutes.
I said to Hailey "i have an idea i think youll like."
She and i went back to Celeste's room, where she was masturbating. "Baby, youre back!" I nodded and said, "and i brought hailey..." and we went into a threesome. They sucked me dry and then while Hailey was eating out Celeste, i stuck my pole up her ass. Then they switched positions. We fucked for the rest of the day, and then i called my parents after Jenson left and said it was a sleepover. We kept fukking until we fell asleep naked together.
What a sex story, right?! If you want a sequel , hashtag #elestecay
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by Celestia Lover August 16, 2017
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once i got invited to my friends party. He said that Sarah would be there, my biggest crush. I knew I had to go. When I arrived the first thing i noticed was her. she was talking with her friends and she was wearing a tight croptop and booty shorts. she looked over at me and smiled naughtily. unexpectedly i felt my dick go hard. i excused myself to the bathroom but didnt notice her following me.

right as i was about to close the door, she slipped in. we were now in the bathroom together, alone. sarah looked down at my 8'' dick and smiled. all of a sudden we were kissing passionatly, and sarah slowly lifted my shirt over my head. i took off her crop top and undid her bra. her breasts were huge, so was her butt. my shprts slipped off my feet and fell to the ground. so did my underwear. we were now butt naked and still kissing. i made my way to second base and sucked hard on her nipples. she gave me the best handjob ever, and began to suck it. soon after sarah was laying on the ground and i was eating her cumming pussy.
sarah moaned in delight and began having an orgasm. i told her to quiet down because someone might hear us. after that was done i asked if she was ready she laughed and yelled "YES!!" i happily flipped her so she was in doggy position and i slipped my dick into her vagina. i cummed inside of her and she started moaning "OH YES!!!! HARDER HARDER PLEASE!!! YES!!!!!!! OH!" i was so happy and i felt so good. we finished off our first round with an intense makeout.
"did you hear that sex story about jason and sarah?"
by i tell yummy stories May 23, 2018
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I watch as she walks over to me. She whispers in my ear
“I know how you feel about me”
I don’t even think twice about what I do next. I pull her in and kiss her gently. She lets out a small moan.
We kiss while she strips me of my clothes, I help her with hers. I feel her tongue against mine. She tasted sweet and her kiss felt soft. I then feel that incredibly soft tongue of hers make her way down my body and find my clit. A small moan escapes my lips and I can feel her smiling. I feel her begin to rub faster at my clit and a series of moans leaves my mouth as she does so. Her finger meets my body and I immediately enjoy the feel of her finger inside me. A louder moan leaves my lips, which causes her to give a small moan as well.
“I think it might be your turn…” I whisper softly to her
“Maybe in a moment, I like to hear you moan” She responds quietly
About five minutes later we swap places. I start by kissing her softly, then I move down her body slowly, knowing that it makes her happy when I’m slower. My mouth finds her pussy and I begin to rub at her clit, gradually getting faster and faster. When she begins to writhe beanthe my touch I thrust my fingers inside her and a great moan escapes her lips. I stop for a few moments so she can catch her breath, then I start up harder and faster than before. She moans so much that I get giddy.

We continue for a few more hours until it’s hard to continue. We fall asleep together, naked, in each other's arms.
You horny now?

I am straight, but I felt like writing a les sex story......
by It rly be like that May 14, 2020
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I just called my girlfriend Sara and had invited her over for some Netflix And Chill. She knew what was going to happen, so I bought some Durex up at 7-Eleven that evening, made sure my parents were out of the house and set up "Netflix" She got here at 6pm and she was wearing the sluttiest clothes. She entered my house and walked through to the living room...God she was hot. By the way, she's a slender redhead with huge tits and a nice ass... met her in High School. Anyway I was heading to the bathroom to take a mighty shit and "wrap it in foil." When I came back out she was sitting on the couch, dangling her bra in her hands. My mountain shot up at this point and she glanced down immediately. She dove at my crotch, undoing my pants and giving me the Blowjob of a Lifetime. I almost came, but held my nut in difficultly. She pulled out her tits and was clearly wet as fuck, so I pushed her on the bed, ripped of her booty shorts and panties, saw her tight, shaved and wet pussy and thrust my rod inside her. There was a moment of ecstasy on her face until I started fucking her brains out. I was screwing her so hard until she was moaning..."Oh...oh.....OHH FUCK YES..." she was almost screaming now..."OH JESUS CHRIST....OHHH...FUCK ME BABY.......YES...YES...YES!" Her tits were bouncing up and down and I was about to cum. We were trying all the positions; 69, Doggystyle, Cowgirl etc, cumming over and over until I had to switch condoms. We slept after that.
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by Dat_Memester December 06, 2016
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