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An erotic story that is meant to turn someone on. Sometimes called erotica.
This is my sex story
I quietly follow her to the bathroom, peeking through the keyhole as she walls in. She slowly and seductively un-buttons her shirt, as if she knew someone was watching. Her shirt fell off her shoulders, revealing her lacy, red bra. She pulls down her mini-skirt, along with her panties, revealing her perfect ass. She slowly unclips her lacy bra, revealing her huge tits. I feel a bulge in my pants, and i unzip my pants. I quietly remove my shirt and boxers, feeling myself. As she steps in to the steaming shower i can’t hold back any longer. I burst into the bathroom, hearing a yelp from her glistening lips. I grab her inner thighs, slamming her against the shower wall. She kisses me passionately, running her fingers through my hair. I waste no time, and position my dick in front of her visibly throbbing pussy. I penetrate her, and I feel her legs wrap around my waist as I penetrate her with my rock hard dick. I start thrusting into her and she moans very audibly. She throws her head back against the tile walls, and digs her nails into my back. She starts panting as i start thrusting harder and faster. “AH!! I’M GONNA CUM!” She yells. I feel the thick, sticky liquid drip onto my dick as she lets out a satisfied moan. She french kisses me passionately, twirling her tongue around my mouth, I kiss her back passionately, playing with her boobs. We pause for a moment, both panting and drenched. We both smile, and I feel her fingers crawl up my neck. “Round two?”
by heyeheyeheyeheyeheyeheyeuehehe December 07, 2020
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" My sneaky link REARRANGED me last night y'all don't even know 😫"

"I mean my sneaky link got a girl but he don't even think he straight 🧍 "

"Are you dumb why'd you think I'd tell you their name? Dumbass it's called sneaky link for a reason."
by Doja's simp April 09, 2021
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It was a dark winter night, I was on the phone to my boyfriend and we were talking as we do most nights. He was the sexiest, most-popular boy in my school and every girl wanted him in their bed. All his exes always talked about how big his dick was but I always thought they were rumours.

He told me to sneak out of my house at exactly 10:00pm, I was very confused but he said he wanted to have some fun. He met me round the corner from my house and told me to follow him through a dingy alley and towards a corner where no one could see us if we laid down. It was so dark and we could barely see each other. I felt a touch on one of my huge tits and it felt good-I pretended like I didn't realise at first, until he started squeezing both of them harder and harder and I started biting my bottom lip to stop myself from moaning He then moved his hands down past my waist and to my ass and slowly lifted me onto him. Then he started bringing my ass closer to his dick but I was only wearing joggers and they were quite thin so that then meant I could slightly feel his 10 inch, rock solid dick against my throbbing pussy. I then put my hand down his pants and started giving him the hand job of a lifetime he couldn't hold his moaning in any longer and neither could I. He started penetrating me and I almost passed out-it was the best night of my life.
Sex story
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by I have good dreams January 04, 2021
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yall nasty, but so am i. so here i go, enjoy!

my sex story
this is my Sex story.

I was wearing a lacy, white piece of lingerie that exposed almost every bit of my body. He scooped me up, his arms sliding up my inner thigh. He slammed me on to the bed, pulling down my bra, revealing my huge tits. I grab the back of his head, smushing his face into my chest, grabbing the edge of the bed, and gasping as he licked my nipples. He then proceeded to slide my panties off my legs, revealing my throbbing pussy. He then slid his boxers off, his huge penis bouncing in my face. I gave him a blowjob, feeling his hand on the back of my head, pushing my mouth on further. “ahh, YES! oh, baby.” He moaned. “I’M GONNA CUM!!” I don’t stop. Soon I feel the hot, sticky juice squirt straight into my mouth. I stop for a moment, gulping down the cum with ease. He grabs the back of my head again, slamming my mouth on his penis. He then gets on top of me, and i gasp as he hoists my legs up on his shoulders, widening my legs, leaving my throbbing pussy wide-open. he inserts his rock- hard penis into my vagina, thrusting, and digging deeper into my pussy. “AHH! OH, YES BABY!” I moan and bite my lip, his penis penetrating even deeper into my pussy. “AGHH! I’M GOING TO CUM!!” I gasp, as the sticky, white liquid escapes my pussy, splashing onto his cock, dripping onto the sheets. He pulls out with ease, licking my pussy clean. His tongue exploring my vagina, licking the cum clean off. “Round two?”
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by heyeheyeheyeheyeheyeheyeuehehe November 05, 2020
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I watch as she walks over to me. She whispers in my ear
“I know how you feel about me”
I don’t even think twice about what I do next. I pull her in and kiss her gently. She lets out a small moan.
We kiss while she strips me of my clothes, I help her with hers. I feel her tongue against mine. She tasted sweet and her kiss felt soft. I then feel that incredibly soft tongue of hers make her way down my body and find my clit. A small moan escapes my lips and I can feel her smiling. I feel her begin to rub faster at my clit and a series of moans leaves my mouth as she does so. Her finger meets my body and I immediately enjoy the feel of her finger inside me. A louder moan leaves my lips, which causes her to give a small moan as well.
“I think it might be your turn…” I whisper softly to her
“Maybe in a moment, I like to hear you moan” She responds quietly
About five minutes later we swap places. I start by kissing her softly, then I move down her body slowly, knowing that it makes her happy when I’m slower. My mouth finds her pussy and I begin to rub at her clit, gradually getting faster and faster. When she begins to writhe beanthe my touch I thrust my fingers inside her and a great moan escapes her lips. I stop for a few moments so she can catch her breath, then I start up harder and faster than before. She moans so much that I get giddy.

We continue for a few more hours until it’s hard to continue. We fall asleep together, naked, in each other's arms.
You horny now?

I am straight, but I felt like writing a les sex story......
by It rly be like that May 14, 2020
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I don't have one because I am a loner

Just like the people reading this

Sorry for your disappointment
I don't have a sex story Because I am lonely.
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by Hogsbreath101 July 22, 2019
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i slip off my outfit and step into the shower+bath combo with a detachable shower head. i leave the door open a crack on purpose just so she can maybe sneak in and join me. when i hear the front door of our apartment open i started moaning so she’ll peak in and see me fingering my wet pussy.
ah, yes. my plan works and she sees me masturbaiting with porn playing in the back i see her slip off her slutty dress to reveal the sexiest lingerie i’ve ever laid my eyes on. i motioned her to come here with my hand. she did as told but first she bent down to grad something from her purse and as she did i could see her thong soaking wet from her cum. when she stands up she said: “you like that?” and slipped off her thong and dug her fingers into her wet clit and sucking them dry. that made me drool so i picked her up and put her in the shower with me. the first thing i did was undid her bra and licked her head to toe. then i started on her pussy. she laid her leg up on the wall which gave me the ability to eat her out. she moaned and moaned and moaned until she grabbed the detachable and sprayed it right at my clit. i let out a loud moan. with one hand holding the shower head, she used her unoccupied hand to grab and twist my boobs. i let out an even louder moan.
then i grabbed the thing she pulled out of her purse, which was a vibrating dildo, and shoved it up her tight pussy. she moaned louder than ever. the steamy hot water pouring on to my skin made me even more hornier. she pulled out the dildo and stuck it in my mouth to taste her cum. then she shoved it up my clit which made me moan really loud. she unexpectedly picked me up and brought me to the bedroom so we could scissor and we eventually fell asleep in the 69 position. at 4:00 am i woke up to her licking me which made me cum all over her, but i cleaned it up with my warm, long, wet tongue. then we did doggy position and we fell asleep on each other, naked and warm
that was the hottest sex story i’ve ever read
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by hornybitch<3 November 24, 2020
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