Person 1: I'm so desperate I searched sex doll on Urban dictionary.
Person 2: That's why you have no friends.
Person 1: *sobbing* Fuck you.
by sWeeT DoOdLeS NippLeS Medea April 24, 2020
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The sex doll is a plastic/silicon replica of a female, meant for people to have sex with. The sex doll was first invented by a man named David Sex Doll in 1859 who, because he was a virgin, decided he wanted to create something that he could have sexual intercourse with that wouldnt reject him but also felt like a real woman, so he took some mud and put inside of a beaver pelt and sewed it together and that was the 1st sex doll.
"Man I really want to buy a Sex Doll cause all these women keep rejecting me"
by CumNuts November 4, 2020
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A doll purchased primarily for masturbation purposes, though a few of them are sold to health teachers.
The man tried to convince his wife that he was a health teacher when she discovered his sex doll.
by Word of the Day June 6, 2004
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A plastic doll in which certain points of intercourse are altered, see below example.
Undressing- taking it out of the box

Foreplay- blowing it up

Eating out- eating a pizza and accidently dropping it on the doll

penetration- doll keeps deflating, so add some foreplay

afterfucking ciggie- burning a hole in the doll and packaging it to be sent to a hated person.

Feeling dirty- priceless!
by Gumba Gumba June 3, 2004
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An inflatable doll usually made of plastic. They are much used by people who have bad personal hygeine, and ugly-looking people, that cannot get a female companion for love nor money.
Clinically depressed man explaining to his social worker why he is so sexually frustrated:
I owned a sex doll once, it cost a fortune, but it felt just like how I imagined the real thing would feel. Then I got carried away and during a particularly torrid night of passion I gave her a love bite on the neck. I never saw her again as she just farted real loud and flew straight out of the window. I cant afford another.
by dick the perv January 31, 2008
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the closest thing to a human that my pp has been in.
friend: you dude have you lost your virginity yet?

Me: does losing it to a sex doll count?

Friend: No.
by StupidPooPooFace May 27, 2021
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A blow up vinyl woman, often used for sex by lonely dorks who can't find pussy, sometimes has three orifices with which one can have intercourse with, some have less....some made for really strange dorks may have more
I really banged my sex doll last night, and wore myself out, so i can't make it into work at best buy today mr. manager sir.
by Ghyslain August 29, 2003
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