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A towel the size of a large hand towel that you keep handy to absorb "after sex" secretions. A towel that women use after sex to catch semen falling out of their vagina.
Man, after sex with Paul I always have semen dripping down my leg so I have to make sure I have a sex towel handy to clean up.
by JDS-Boston January 13, 2009
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the towel stolen out of your roomates laundry to wipe off after sex. usually dark in color to avoid detection.
girl: ew you nutted on my belly
guy: shoulda been your face
girl: you're gross. get me the sex towel

<guy grabs towel from roomates dirty laundry and throws it to her>

<girl cleans herself>

by sneakskeeter September 30, 2008
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A large towel laid on top of bed sheets, designed for the sole purpose of having sex on, reducing the chance of soiling the bed sheets with bodily secretions.
Girl: Wait! Not yet. Let's get the sex towel.
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by BullygirlO April 26, 2020
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