A room used for the sole purpose of sexual engagement.

It may contain condom despensers, dildos, gloryholes, loob, viagara and perhaps whipped cream.
Bren went to the sex room for some hot hoes, but ended up having mad gay buttsecks.
by 13337 May 24, 2007
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A Room for sex

A Vagina
''I have a sex room made of glass, we operate a swinger's club there''

''omg I got my little person in her sex room last night''
by wooffles August 21, 2008
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When a couple, either m/f, m/m, or f/f, enjoys having sex with each other while in the same as another couple that are also having sex. But they do not engage in group sex, such as a threesome or a foursome with the other couple.
We would love to meet up with Jack and Jill and have same room sex with them but no full swap or soft swap).
by Dragon One November 19, 2017
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Having sex inside of a dressing room at a major retail store while being as quiet as possible.
After trying on clothes in front of one another, Bella and Dixie were so horny that they engaged in dressing room sex before the store closed.
by Static1432 October 23, 2009
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An odd practice of couples' who wait until their kid(s) are at school or away from home to then have sex in the child's room.
I don't know why, but Rebecca and I have the greatest sex when little Billy is away at camp. We have kid's room sex in Billy's bed and it's like nothing else!
by g.spell_omega April 29, 2015
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hours upon hours of crazy kinky mindblowing sex. great way of living out all of one's fantasies. (lots of stamina required)
by gordon April 30, 2003
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This law states that when a couple stays in a hotel room they must have sex. No exceptions. Sex is optional outside of the confines of hotel rooms only.
I wasn’t in the mood to have sex, but we were out of town, so the hotel room sex law was in effect.
by Popesum October 18, 2020
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