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A sex offender that lives by the pirate code! Often in denial of being a rapist.
Judge: "The charges against your are rape, how do you plead?"
Sex Pirate: "I deny all charges of rape! I, are, an honourable man, your grace"
Judge: "So you deny that you engaged in forced sex with the victim?"
Sex Pirate: "Nay, the booty was plundered, that it was, your grace."
Judge *Shakes head*
by OhhSnap August 15, 2015
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A male who dresses like a pirate and oozes sex appeal.
Generally has wild, messy hair, black eyeliner, and clothes similar to those a pirate would wear (black pants, black vest, ragged button up shirt in either black or white, black boots)
Russell Brand, the English comedian is a prime example of a Sexpirate, especially as he has a sex addiction; Johnny Depp (in Pirates of the Caribbean)
by Lola Ramona October 27, 2008
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