A movie that shows a sex, masturbating, or orgasm scene. Rated R
Sex Movies are the best #nohomo
by OneFuckingMachete October 4, 2019
The movie which you put on while your trying to lay a broad instead of just watching tv. Usually a horror movie, this gives you something else to look at while railing the questionable slut you've brought to your parents basement. Not to be confused with a porno, or a sex tape.
"how'd you lay that ho bag last night?"

"Dude I just put on the sex movie, and she melted like butter."

"Your the fuckin' man."

by Shanal Cranium February 15, 2009
What Brice Gaylor watches on Saturday night
"I'm so horny"
Netflix-sexual-gay-GAY SEX MOVIES
by Ok I'm done February 2, 2016
Sex as depicted in the movies. Intense, passionate, perfect, often to music and unrealistic.
Not hard banging. - slow and sweet.
I Haven't had just normal movie sex lately.
by Krbarham April 7, 2016
When you and your parent have to apply duck tape over your mouths during sex because the kids are in the house and you don’t want to be loud
Baby, we gotta have silent movie sex tonight. The kids are awake
by MsMiraya February 21, 2018