Continuous sexual activity of any nature that is performed over the course of several hours. Even several days. To be a marathon, only short breaks in sex play activity like short sleep breaks, a power nap, a food break, bathroom break or fluid wipe ups are permitted. Sexual marathons often result in extremely sore genetalia.
Roger's wife had a hella sore snatch after an all night sex marathon.
by Eaton Holgoode April 20, 2015
When you do enough cocaine and MDNA to have ass sex 4 times, and get pink eye, but still hire a babysitter to go out for more. Typical good old fashion Holiday Bender behavior.
I want to blow bbg and do blow after our super charged ass sex marathon but tomorrow I need to get more pink eye medicine.
by NugsDotCom December 6, 2017
Sex that continues for hours per session, punctuated by winded intermissions wherein the parties involved sweatily seek to restore the normal oxygen-carbon dioxide mix in their blood; Sex that burns as many calories as a marathon.
Our marathon sex session came to an end when both of us were simply too tired to continue.
by howe March 24, 2005
Having sex more than 3 times in one night. Each time lasting more than an hour.
Last night me and my boyfriend had marathon sex, we didn't go to sleep until 6 this morning!
by Hannahboo32 October 15, 2007
Sex that lasts over an hour, with continued intent; if only an hour and a half or so, partners may only be distracted during sex. During 'marathon sex,' as opposed to marathons, small breaks are sometimes taken, akin to stretches during exercise, which is part of what the 'marathon' is... exercise, for both partners, in every case, though! For it to last so long, mutual exercising, and most especially pleasure, throughout the entire event, are both prime requisites.
When we're going to have more than a few hours alone, it's always nice to make sure a good bit of marathon sex is part of that time.
by FlyinMonki82 November 13, 2015