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Always gross and embarrassing, a sex fart can be any fart or fart-like noise made during sex of any kind.
1) Joe was a little chubby, and so was Molly his girlfriend. Whenever they had sex the air caught between their sweaty bellies made a sex fart.

2) I was getting great head from this girl when I had a sex fart, she didn't even care!

3) After Randy finished sodomizing Brian, Brian let out a sex fart that smelled like lubricant.

4) Kelly is a great lay, but I think she needs to lay off the broccoli or beans. She has sex farts all the time when we're going at it.
by DiaperDave March 10, 2011
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A sex fart or slart is we're you fart durning sex
I was sitting on my bed watching family guy when I heard a nock at my window. I opened the shade to see my boyfriend waiting at my door, window thing. I opened it to let him in. " what are you doing here?" He came thrue and kissed me passionately. He pushed me on the bed and pinned me down. However he will never be as strong as me so I flipped him over and massaged his penis than I gave him a blow job. He pushed me up agient the back-board of my bed and ripped my clothes of. He fingered me hungrily swirling and thrusting in and out. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I leaned over to his ear and whispered " just fuck me already" so my parents dident hear. " that's what I came here to do" he whispered back. He soved his penis into me and thrust in and out makeing me moan. Just when I thought he was going to exit me he pushed his dick all the way in causing me to fart.
Sex fart
by Cutie pie 24 October 15, 2013
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When you be having REAL good sex and one is giving oral when the other farts and it smells worse than a dead skunk.
by mspoopypants April 26, 2017
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