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First Angel of Bill Maher's Angels of the Apocalypse. Sewy Sontag wanted to study the fashions of terminal illness. Tuberculosis is a disease for runway models according to Sewy Sontag. Everyone call Tim Gun. Stop puking, stop taking drugs to keep the costs of alterations at a minimum and enjoy the sickly sweet breath of tuberculosis. If it was good enough for Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, and John Keats then why shouldn't it be on the runway. The models will be too tired to do anything, but walk a runway, and it will keep lovers away and costs down. Sewy Sontag saw no use for cancer or diseases that smelled really bad. YOU CAN'T MARKET THEM she would scream. When she saw Harvey Weinstein she proclaimed "That man is pregnant with his own death, get him outta here. Call Pfizer." While she would ask everyone to embrace the sick in public. She couldn't stand the smell of cancer or its unfashionable waste line. If Sewy Sontag was a horseman of the apocalypse she'd be riding shotgun with the plague.
See also Camille Appealedya & Camille Appalledya (AKA Horseman of War)
See also Klaus Naomi Klein (AKA Horseman of Famine)
Karen: I was reading Illness as a Metaphor for Alterations and I'm concerned this woman wants to make TB fashionable.
Sharon: Oh. Your reading Sewy Sontag. Don't read that, have a cookie. Sewy Sontag will bring your anxiety levels way up. Don't read Sewy Sontag, Klaus Naomi Klein, or Camille Appeal and Appalled you. Have COOKIES.
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by HearMyName July 24, 2018
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