When somebody treats you like you're a piece of shit.
You think you don't go up the big ass corkscrew with the other pieces of shit at the sewage treatment plant? You think you're a special piece of shit?
by Solid Mantis August 29, 2018
A popular venue under utilized by politicians where a whole city gathers constitutionally every day.
The Prime Minister will be speaking at the new Sewage Treatment Plant between 7am and 9am; a popular time of day when the majority of city residents sit down and share their collective opinions on the state of the union on paper.
by robloveboy November 24, 2012
The biggest and most crucial sewage treatment plant in the whole world. The owner is the sexiest and most percious man to ever exist. The whole plant is run by the millions of workers there, who are all clones of a man with big buttcheeks. The plant clears the sewage of many countries such as China, USA, Germany, Russia and even Mars. The plant is sponsored by USTASCHA and Max Weber.
Sewage Treatment Plant SAANEN (STPS)

"Mommy, where does my shit go?"

"To the STPS of course you dummy!"
by sexiest man to ever exist November 14, 2022
The act of a man giving anal to a girl, pulling out with shit on his dick, inserting into the vagina, pulling out, and the dick being clean afterwards. For this to work, the girl mustn't poop beforehand, or do anything that would make sure of an empty rectum
Person 1: "Bro I gave sewage treatment to Linda last night and it was some black magic fuckery."

Person 2: "Yea man its totally wackadoodle."
by SussyBalls_ June 27, 2021