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Plan A is when the Contract Killers kill you on sight; Plan B is the backup. They will kill in hospital, while you are being treated for serious, but not fatal, injuries -aka the SETH RICH Emergency Treatment.
EMT: It's okay Ma'am, we are going to take good care of you.

Lady Driver: Ouch! What happened?
EMT: It looks like you are the victim of a hit and run. You'll be alright, once we get you to hospital, the Doc will fix you up real nice.
Lady Drive: (Dazed and confused) Hit and run car crash? I need to go to the hospital? Which Hospital? Where is my laptop and thumb drives!?
EMT: I don't know. DC Police were already on the scene when we arrived. I am sure you'll get them back. Relax. We are going to take you to DC General. It's the closest Trauma Centre.
Lady Driver: Noooooo. I don't want to go there!! They will give me the SETH RICH EMERGENCY TREATMENT! I'm as good as dead!!
EMT: (Smiling) Nonsense! You'll be right as rain in just a few.
by HiddenRightHere June 17, 2017
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