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One of the smallest towns in Italy. Located in northern Italy, in the boundaries of Milan by the Ticino river, it is a rather small town which interestingly enough attracts many tourists during Summer. There is a big Augusta Westland factory, reminiscent of the town's no-longer existing airplane factory, bombed during WWII. The bridge connecting it to Casteletto Sopra Ticino (and therefore connecting the regions of Lombardia and Piemonte) was also bombed by the Nazi, but a makeshift bridge made with fishing boats was made while the real bridge was being rebuilt. You have most likely never heard of this town, unless you are either from Italy or an avid tourist.

Old people usually go to Sesto to die, since it's a quiet, peaceful little town. It also has no hospitals, so most people from Sesto are from either Gallarate or Arona, two neighbouring cities.
Guy: "Say, dude, I'm going over to Sesto Calende this Summer; gonna go vist my granparents."

Dude: "You're going to Sesto Cawhat?!"

Guy: "I can see you're not much into tourist trips, eh?"
by franx12 July 28, 2011
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