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1. One who passes disgusting sarcastic remarks, trying too hard to type perfected and structured english sentences. Oftenly named as "Wisdom Sage" "Intellect of the century" or some ridiculous crazy smart names. One mad baller... that misses everything and passes to the opponent.

2. One who tries too hard to speak good english ending up sounding like a retart attempting to learn English. However, has very profound Mandrain skills.
"Sigh i'm so sad.. my dog's hurt, my mom's coughing so bad, my dad lost his job, my brother failed all his test and attempts to commit suicide now he's under mental unstability.. sigh what shall i do!?" Johnny

"No problem bro. Good sign. Kill your dog for soup. well your mom? let her die! get her inheritence and your dad. GOOD JOB! now he can chill at home for ever. your bro.. damn you foo just let him suicide you don't get to snatch things from him no more! :D" - Ser Chin

"..." - Johnny
by Prof. Travis Slick February 12, 2005
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