When a woman sticks her finger into her vagina and wipes it under the nose of an unsuspecting guy
Last night that guy gave me a dirty sanchez so I followed it up with a dirty senorita
by deeznuts2475 February 19, 2008
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After your girl gets done exercising, and sweating, you put lime on her vagina and then go down on her. The salty taste from the sweat and lime makes it THE SALTY SENORITA.
When my girl got home from her run I was CRAVING The Salty Senorita.
by Si Senor April 28, 2016
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An expression that originated from John Kilday meaning that he thinks a woman is damn sexy.
John: How are you doing Senorita Sexypants?

Kayla: Just fine, thank you.
by Phillip Kaltenbach June 26, 2006
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roller disco move where an ill shindig skater will get up on the front two wheels and has the other leg pointed straight out bending at the knee in a scissor like action.
oh my the salty senorita thats never been performed in competition before!
by John Proctor April 15, 2008
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A mexican male who puts on airs of homosexuality around non-mexican males in attempts to 'soften' them out. A subtly implied tactic, Senor Senoritas are usually following orders from someone else. Many have taken up residence in border states such as Texas & New Mexico.
Senor Senorita is switching his hips at you. He really hates the rich gringos. He wants them all to start thinking like fools.
by Idiot Buster June 10, 2005
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Adjective - meaning someone who is a bit of a hardcore savage and will absolutely fight you (without taking their rings off) but is also low key cute
by Sophie DD May 22, 2017
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