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Usually a middle aged person who decides to either

1) go back to school to get their ass out of Wal-Mart or some other demeaning job that you acquire by having a minimum education level of a high school diploma


2) want to "enrich" their boring retired lives/spend extra money taking "interesting" classes to pass the time without actually being a matriculated student.

Senior Scholars usually have no idea how college classes work or how to use the university's on line services. Most of them will want to ask obvious questions in an attempt to show off to the younger crowd and impress the idea that they are still "hip" & "with it". Other characteristics include telling stories about 1) when they were in college, 2) their grandchildren, 3) personal stories completely irrelevant to the class topic.
1) "Well I'm 58, a vet from dubya-dubya two and I'm retired now, so I guess I'm a Senior Scholar," (laughs) "Now let me tell you what college was like when I was young. Ten miles in the snow, up-hill both ways.."

2) Senior Scholar: The 46 year old female office worker who wants to expand her knowledge of the population around her by taking a Developmental Psychology class only to use it as an open forum to discuss her 2 year old daughter Mandy's slow progress.
by Undergrad September 02, 2009
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