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It means a person of mixed ethnicities, referring to a mix of ethnic minorities, or an ethnic minority and anglo-european. It can also mean just one ethnic minority, as it is not solely based on racial heritage but also cultural heritage. It basically means to have at least one parent who is of noticeable ethnic minority (and also not), and to be proud and aware of being mixed in an anglo-country. It can also be applied to honorary members of the Semi Brown Nation, such as anglo-peoples who are good friends of those who are Semi Brown. One of the ideas of the Semi Brown Movement is that everyone is mixed racially, and is therefore accepted as long as this is acknowledged. The movement is a representation of a mixed environment, and it incorporates all people of ethnic minority and all those who love to live in a multicultural and multiethnic environment. The followers of the movement are known for their respectful usage of all cultures' languages, history and philosophies, and also their stances which include non-violence, preservation of all cultures, and world peace. VIVA SEMI BROWN MOVEMENT!
Homechild A: 'Ey man those people over there are safe, you know they're from ..... and also ......?
Homechild B: Yeah man, it's why they're so safe, Semi Brown my friend.

Homechild A: That girl is so fine.
Homechild B: Yeah man, it's because her mother's from ...... and her father is from .......
Homechild A: Ahhh man, Semi Brown, Semi Brown.

Homechild A: Our whole group just thought the same thing about this situation.
Homechildren: Semi Brown, Semi Brown.
by SemiBrownMovement January 12, 2008
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