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During the Tribal Ganging banging of the local Sex slaves, a feamle willingly gobbles up the semem of adolesent men causeing her Blood/Semen level to reach a unimaginable amount of 85% which is in essence instead of blood running through her veins the hot thick sticky gooey milky man juice flows through her as swiftly as a river causing her to no longer be able to Taste any kinds of beverages but is given to her by the one-eyed milkman, even that of the strongest alchohal can not be tasted, only the jizzzim from a mans scrotum. This OD makes the female sex slaves no loger human but SEMEN LORDS.
The local sex slave shinaqua SEMEN ODed last night and is now a semen lord.
by Syz3rgY June 11, 2006
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