Created by a drunk Australian back in 2013. Taking a picture of your face and putting it online, which wouldn't be such a great idea if you're ugly. If you're ugly, you'd get comments saying "Damn girl you're ugly" and that would hurt your feelings. If you take 10-20 selfies a day, you're probably a whore, and or don't have much of a life. Today, people have their own stick to take their so called "Selfies". better used as a sex toy. I love to photobomb selfies. Girls hate it when I do that. I nearly got killed with a selfie stick for photobombing, I'd just say it was worth it. Anyways, selfie is when you take a picture of you and your face. With usually a cool background, but nobody can see the background because it's all blurry because the camera can only focus on your face. Sometimes, people take selfies with people, which complete defeats the purpose of a selfie. It should be called a "groupie" which is even more gayer.
I'm having a seizure and I'm dying on the ground, but first, Let me take a selfie. -Takes photo- *Dies*
by That random guy thing July 26, 2015
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when you take a photo of yourself generally trying to look hot
by sharks28 October 25, 2016
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A selfie is a picture you take when you hate yourself.

It's also a picture best taken with a selfie stick, so everyone in the world knows your a total toolshed. It has the secondary benifit of providing a metal pole to more easily beat you with.

The best selfies are those that involve some kind of natural diaster or riot. It shows real class to demonstrate your ability to care about where you are like a tourist while people are being flayed alive by fire. With these kinds of pictures, it's best to wait until someone is actually in the process being brained by a police officer or torn to peices by rabid wolves before taking the picture, to maximize it's chance of going viral and earning you mad props, or as the cynical like to call them death threats.
In this picture selfie but someone pushed me into oncoming traffic and pissed in my mouth. Lol!
by Holywar October 30, 2015
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the practice of taking a self-portrait and posting it on Instagram to show your followers what you look like in case they forgot, even though you posted a selfie two fucking days ago. Many selfies include the stupid ass fucking duck face and/or include a really fucking stupid quote in the caption.
Jimmy Brooks: Ay Bruh, take this selfie of me real quick yo!
Guy: Bro you're missing the whole point of what a selfie is!
by Yolo Drake March 15, 2015
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A selfie is a photo someone takes of themselves, usually on a smartphone.
It was a selfie.
by DellaWang April 10, 2014
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