Most commonly, Selfie describes a digital photograph taken by a person of themselves, which will then be uploaded to a social media site such as Facebook.

Alternatively, from the perspective of a male adult, Selfie may be used to refer to the act of masturbation.
Female usage: "Oh my god Jake, the selfie that I uploaded to Facebook this morning has already received 57 likes. I told you I should try modeling."

Male usage: "I had a selfie before school this morning, and then another between school and work. I can hardly walk."
by SucioSanchez June 24, 2014
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The worlds most stupidest song and dumbest word know to mankind. Usually heard by white girls walking down the hall of school.
Do you have a ciggarette I really need one? But first let me take a selfie!
by Motherfucker123 May 12, 2014
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A picture you've taken of yourself which reveals how gay you actually look. Generally uploaded to facebook and later photoshopped by your friends.
Jimbob: "I'm gonna take a selfie and post it to facebook because I have swag!"

*looks on facebook and realizes that she isn't as hot as she thought she was*
by PotatoNinja March 23, 2014
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A symptom of the current narcissistic epidemic whereby the subject takes a filtered, highly polished (often completely over-exposed) photograph of themselves and uploads it to instagram, facebook or some other social media outlet. Its often motivated by a need for adulation, attention or validation from ones "followers" or "friends" and is sometimes accompanied with some self-deprecating comment about how "shit" they look.
Girl - "Jeez, I've hundreds of friends on facebook, instagram and MySpace. Gonna have to do a clean out"

Guy - "Yeah? Strange that each and every Selfie churned out by yourself couldn't have been taken by one of your many adoring friends.
by Molly Sugden May 23, 2014
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I was all the way in Colorado and Jessica was in Texas so I stooped to it and gave myself a selfie :/
by SORGBURD July 24, 2013
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A picture that you never take with your iPad.
That person is weird. He's taking selfies with his iPad!
by -__- June 16, 2015
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