When someone posts multiple pictures of themselves, photographed by themselves, to one or more social media sites (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) each week for the express purpose of getting others to comment on their pretty-ness. Often times, they may link these selfies with a self-deprecating comment to accelerate other's comments.
{The selfie whore posts a selfie on Facebook with the comment, "I'm trying something new with my hair, but I don't think it turned out good."}
Commenter 1: "No, you look great!"
Commenter 2: "Nah girl, you alwayz looking good!"
{The selfie whore has a momentary feeling of happiness, and then she starts planning her next selfie}

Guy 1: "Hey, why does Tammy post so many selfies on Facebook?"
Guy 2: "She's a selfie whore. She just wants people to tell her she's pretty even though she's fat."
by Donkey Punching Queen September 1, 2013
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usually a teenage girl (age 14-21), who takes countless amounts of selfies and posts them all over social media
dude 1: did you see jakes new girlfriends facebook?

dude 2: yeah she is a selfie whore
by dickschlogger January 13, 2019
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