No matter who tries to tell you it was the fan favorite of it's day (and doesn't know what they are talking about) Sega was the beloved underdog of the home video game console world of the early 90's, the company that stood up to Nintendo and for a few years, did well enough that it was either Sega or Nintendo for a lot of kids of the 90's. Sega wasn't known for games quite as cartoonish or child oriented as Nintendo, Sega had blood, guts, gore, and realism in it's games (which people didn't see much before the early 90's in video games) which was appreciated by the people or kids that didn't want every one of their games Disneyfied or G-rated, even if it wasn't as profitable or popular with the masses to sterilize the games. It's a shame Sega didn't figure out a way to remain in the video game console market into the 2000's and beyond.
Nintendo seems kind of like anything Disney, cartoonish and fantasy up front, cuthhroat with a hidden dagger behind the scenes. At least with Sega many of the more vicious things about their business took place in the games themselves.
by The Original Agahnim November 26, 2021
The company that did the unthinkable for a few years, gave Nintendo a run for it's money and made the video game console business a little bit less like a game of monopoly.
Nintendo straightened out a little for a few years when Sega entered the US with the Genesis, everything suddenly wasn't to be taken for granted, if only for a few years before Sony showed up and said shut up you two, you're both wrong.
by The Original Agahnim November 26, 2021
Sega is so amazing
by Wii Guy September 10, 2021