Also ... See you in the funny pages.

Refers to the comics section of the newspaper. Was a light hearted way to say goodbye, see you later, in the 1920s through WWII. Not derogatory at all. Could be used with a friend or casual acquaintance. Just a breezy way to say our lives are crazy, like the characters in the comics. Our lives are funny/ironic/interesting I wouldn't be surprised if someone started writing a comic strip based on us. I'll see you around, just as likely in the funny pages as anywhere else.
by Rintho Latum June 27, 2011
It refers to the comics section of newspapers (the part that you prefer or the only one that you read...)
-> To say bye to somebody that you find interesting and funny. You really enjoyed her/his company and want her/him to know it.
At the end of a party, when your new friend leaves :
"LOL ! See ya in the funny papers !"
by lois77 July 14, 2005
An expression used to refer to a light (not a serious /deep)conversation a person had enjoyed with another person, as if to say" I quite enjoyed our conversation, its Great to steer away from deep serious talks so.....see you next time and we'll get another light conversation like the one we had "
Hey Mark, I'm sorry I'll have to go cause My lunch break is almost over...see you in the funny papers
by Prometheus of oran November 24, 2021