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A girl/woman of elegance, grace, sophistication, and beauty. Derived from Latin origin where it's pronounced "Sabrina". Although Sebrena's are generally quiet, these ladies are considerate and loyal to those fortunate to be close in their inner circle. A person's maximum potential is brought out as they are influenced by a Sebrena's efforts and accomplishments. It is a blessing to have a Sebrena in one's life.
Guy 1: Have you noticed that fine sister over there?
Guy 2: The lady over there? 👀
Guy 3: That's the one and only, Sebrena
by #hyguentheodai December 20, 2016
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Bitch with big boobs.
Like odd things. Other people find her odd.
Loves sex.
Oh my gosh. Great weekend with sebrena.
by lary mathis December 13, 2010
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