Synonym : Uni (pronounced Oo-ni), Mango
A black person who acts like an Asian. Black outside, yellow inside.
There are so many Sea Urchins here in Chinatown! I don't know why.
by Shiine-1 May 6, 2022
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When you eat out hot girl and it was great, but the path to do it was very hard
Hey man yesterday night was great but was do sea urchin
by YaBoiV April 21, 2018
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A commonly used word to describe a person with a dry, shrinkled personality. Often used as a replacement for the slang word ‘Karen’ to describe a woman of the older generation.
“She’s a bit of a sea urchin
by Bcusjsbdjskanbdj September 18, 2021
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Similar to the Double Dick Down Method where the man wears a strap-on to have both vaginal and anal sex. But with the Sea Urchin Smash the man also suctions a dildo onto his forehead as to also face-fuck his female partner.
The Sea Urchin Smash is so pleasurable that it's like a poison to me.
by Cocktography November 23, 2020
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