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Propaganda given by the sea urchins, or other sea creatures. Common sea urchin propaganda includes, pasta being bad, sewers being good, Eggyeg being worse than tacoted, and many more.
by A sea urchin definitely March 20, 2022
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The act of inserting a sea urchin inside a woman's asshole and proceeding to produce friction due to the intense rub of the sea urchin, causing internal bleeding to the victim.
Boss: "why the fuck are you late to work today, mate?"
Client: "sorry man, me and my girl were doing the Sea Urchin Scramble last night so I had to take her to the ER."
Boss: "did it feel good tho?"
by JesusLover9000 September 8, 2019
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The "SUB" is an unusual species of bird that grows inside sea urchins, acting as if the sea urchin is the womb and the bird a fetus. When the sea urchin dies, impregnated with the bird, it crawls out. The Sea Urchin bird is both a myth and a fact. Whether you believe it is in existence or not, it has not been proven wrong therefore cannot be classified as "extinct." it is most commonly seen when students dissect sea-urchins in Marine biology labs, the bird flies out of the urchin as the student cuts through the exoskeleton.
Holy shit Karen! Did you just see that SUB fly out of that Sea urchin?!?!

-or when used in sarcastic remarks

"what do you have a sea-urchin bird up your ass?"

"whats he got up HIS ass? A sea-urchin bird?"
by ProfessorKnell December 20, 2007
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a haircut with sticking-out hair suggestive of a sea-urchin. It is also scraggly.
The girls have a sea-urchin haircut.
by uttam maharjan August 23, 2012
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When a female is double fisted by her partner and the fingers are then extended so as to resemble a sea urchin.

Derived from a double version of the Russian starfish
She bragged that she could totally take a Russian starfish, so I gave her a Russian Sea Urchin and she squealed.
by Jose San Wango April 2, 2011
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When a man places his hands on a woman's boobs, and they're so enormous the hands get pulled and sucked into the boobs.
Desire: Wanna give me a Star Fish Sea Urchin 270?
Desire: Mmmmm.
by Hot Peppas June 4, 2009
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Synonym : Uni (pronounced Oo-ni), Mango
A black person who acts like an Asian. Black outside, yellow inside.
There are so many Sea Urchins here in Chinatown! I don't know why.
by Shiine-1 May 6, 2022
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