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Easily the best town out of the southern shore points. From the younger crowd at 40th and Landis to the families down at the Inlet, sea isle offers something for everyone. The beach is beautiful and large enough for large groups and recreational activities, not to mention you'll never find sea isle as crowded as ocean city or wildwood, nor is it as boring and pretentious as avalon or stone harbor. The boardwalk isn't cluttered with run down stores or cheap amusements, nor will someone try to call you in for a noise violation at 9pm on memorial day weekend. In fact, your neighbors will probably try and join in on the party. Also, sea isle offers the best party and bar scene of all the shores. The houses from 30th-50th street are mostly inhabited by an array of young men and women in their early to late 20s. The few blocks from 43rd to 38th crossing with Landis and Pleasure are lined with bars and 24 hour eateries, giving the college age people the run of the place all throughout the night. Towards either end of the island, the atmosphere is more quiet and family oriented, giving them independence from the young crowd around the bars.
Sea Isle City, NJ is definitely the best place in south jersey: The inventors of the famous No Shower Happy Hour from 4-8 at the ODs every saturday during summer
by hdibs May 06, 2007
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HEAVEN/ Sea Isle City- A cute family town by day, a party for teens and adults by night. Filled with chill police officers and lifeguards and known for its infamous promenade. Not nearly as populated as the surrounding towns of Ocean City and 7 Mile Island (Avalon and Stone Harbor) but is not far from their fun attractions. Sea Isle also has attractions of their own. There are various arcades on the promenade, the best being Island Breeze Casino, Pirate Island Mini Golf, and more places to get ice cream in the same four blocks than any other town. The beaches are beautiful and can accommodate large groups of people for summer fun. The waves are not very rough with a combination of small and bigger wave-perfect for everyone. There is plenty for adults to do at night with many bars very convienently located near eachother- always with live music. There are many places to eat all around the island some being expensive with gourmet food to pizza almost every five blocks or less downtown. There are many places to shop for clothes, games, and various other items. Sea Isle is a place of fun for family and friends, big or small, adventurous or relaxed. So “Smile, Your in Sea Isle”
I’m going to Sea Isle City, NJ for the weekend, it’s going to be tons of fun!
by BLMW June 10, 2018
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