The people who don't approve your word for Urban Dictionary
"Why won't these scrotum suckers ever approve my word!"
by Lil’Fish March 10, 2015
Someone who grabs a males nut sack an plays with them in ways you cannot believe an that also sucks a suggested nut till it turns purple
EFREN:hey bro wat you doing tonight cause i got some fine hoes coming through

JAY:naw bro cant do it tonight i got some bitch comin through an she claimin she can be the best scrotum sucker in the world.its that girl up your block her name is Diamond
by Efren November 13, 2007
A scrotum-sucker is a person who is currently applying his/her mouth to another person's (usually male) testicles, more commonly known as "balls", "family" or "treasure" or such a person who is apt to this and frequently does so. Can also be used for a person who as only done this once, though probably only in a community where scrotum-sucking is not accepted or tolerated.
"You scrotum-sucker!"

"I hear you have a new job."
"What is it?"
"I am the Lord's scrotum-sucker, he pay's well, and I like the job."
by Quentin January 25, 2004
Someone who creates unnecessary drama and does stupid shit to blame others.
Girl 1: Don't be such a Scrotum Sucker!
Girl 2: well.... nuH UH! it's all your fault
by toxic0438 February 21, 2019
someone who will suck the male testes pouch(scrodum) for money or for fun. Also used for a deracative
under neath your penis (scrotum sucker)
by missstacy July 6, 2009