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Two cup-shaped linked objects that squeeze testicles together.

Scrotal clamps are often ornamental items for the mantlepiece or the deep freezer, where these inconspicious items - often silver - hauntingly nest.

Gentlemen that prefer S&M discreetly can wear them during tight business meetings to further enhance humiliation.

Or as punishment for a torn förhudsros or lost precious kandelbär.
"Darling will you get me an egg cup - no not my scrotal clamps - just an egg cup please?"

"He squirmed as he realised the scrotal clamps were fresh from the freezer".

"Like acupuncture, his tight scrotal clamps helped him overcome being fired."
"Worn out förhudsros and heavy kandelbär - he realised he might as well enjoy some scrotal clamps at brunch."
by Snurrgurkan May 18, 2009
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