The ultimate, dominant leader of the male hierarchy. Widely and equally renowned and feared for their ultimate charisma, appearance and power in society, few are thought to exist.
It is said that women who look Scrimblo males in the eyes orgasm immediately and bear their children in under a second.
by BronYrAurHouse July 10, 2021
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The ultimate type of male — better than alpha males, sigma males, whatever else. Endowed with immense charisma, confidence, attractiveness, willpower, and intelligence. They are very rare, it is theorized that only 0.01% of men are scrimblo males.
Because of their sheer dominance, scrimblos are often the subject of jealousy from lower males. Sometimes lower males attempt to harm or incapacitate them. The adversaries must use dirty tricks, however, for none can hope to defeat a scrimblo male in a forthright struggle.
The rarity of scrimblo males means most of them will never meet another scrimblo. When they do, however, they treat each other with respect, recognizing a fellow scrimblo king.
Common signs of a scrimblo male: Enjoys jigsaw puzzles. Like to collect cool rocks. Volunteers at animal shelters.
Dave: Becky's been flirting with me, I'm gonna hit her up on Insta tonight.
Eric: Don't bother. I heard Sam's interested in her.
Dave: Sam? The scrimblo male? Please say you're kidding.
Eric: Nope. Frankly, I'm surprised she hasn't started dating him already.
by sapodilla July 14, 2021
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