Originally a term used by sailors, marines, etc. when describing a night of significant debauchery on shore leave during which they had intercourse (screwed), oral sex (blewed - being the past tense of blown as in "blow job") and got a tattoo. Later used more broadly to refer to getting so drunk that you participated in all possible forms of debauchery and may or may not remember it all.
by wasteboy September 05, 2011
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To get paid, to spend one's pay recklessly, and get tattooed. Paid, clipped and tattooed. Sailors.

The Slang Dictionary - John Hotten - 1913
-Screw: salary, or wages.
-Blue, or BLEW: to pawn or pledge. Actually to get rid of.
-Blew, or BLOW: to lose or spend money.
-Blewed, a man who has lost or spent all his money is said to have BLEWED it.

-Blewed, got rid of, disposed of, spent.

A Dictionary of Slang, Jargon & Cant - Albert Barrère 1889
- Screw: salary, wages. Implies... effort by employer to diminish the rate, or employee to enforce payment of, the salary, which has to be screwed out.
-Blew, or blue: to waste to spend, to dissipate. "I blew a bob (I wasted a shilling)," To spend or lose one's money in gambling or betting.
-Blewed: spent, disposed of. Lost or been robbed of. Primarily, to put, to spend. German blauen, which suggests blue, and not to blow, as original. Ins blaue hinein (away into the blue), vanished, gone; the French passe au bleu has the same signification. Faire passer au bleu, to suppress, dissipate, spend, squander, appropriate. An allusion to a distant, undefined place in the blue above.
-Blue, blew:To spend or lose one’s money at gambling. To waste money generally. Varied to blew, from the phrase "blown in," which refers to money that has been spent, as in the phrase, "I’blewed’ all my tin." For a another variation see BLEWED.
-Blue the screw, (popular), to spend one’s salary

To blew one's pay means to ruin it or wreck it.
John Jones is back on board because he's got no money left. He got screwed, blewed and tattooed, but he's got no regrets.
by Z.W. Wolf July 03, 2021
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