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A young country singer in the making with an astounding voice that will freakin' blow your mind the first time you hear it. Maybe you haven't heard of him yet, but I promise, you will one day, and you'll wish you heard of him sooner. Scotty is known for his deep, deep country singing voice, especially for such a young age. I promise you, he will be the next huge country star in years to come.
Also a very genuine, well-mannered, and down to earth kid.
Guy 1: Hey, have you heard Scotty McCreery's voice?! It's amazing.

Guy 2: I know, man... I wish my voice was that deep.
by PlRATE March 10, 2011
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The most amazing young man ever. He is an 18 year old country singer known very well for his deep, deep, lovely voice. He's the best singer in the entire world. He won Season 10 of American Idol. He now has his debut album out in stores, anywhere music is sold. It's called Clear As Day and you will be sorry if you dont buy it. Im in love with him. He's cute, down to earth, caring, sweet, and has a big heart, big voice, and a big smile.
Woah. That's Scotty McCreery performing at the CMA Awards!
by iloveScottyMcHottie November 30, 2011
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the most amazing country singer on this earth. born and raised in garner nc, he is a country boy at heart. when you hear his voice, you get goosebumps. scotty sings like an angel. everyone loves him, except for the guys because they are jealous. he has a tendency to make smirks when he is singing & has a very deep voice for a seventeen year old. if you haven't heard of scotty mccreery yet, you are most definitely living under a hole.
girl 1:"whenever scotty mccreery sings, i pretend he is singing to me"

girl 2:"um, no. he is singing to me"
by americanidol21 May 08, 2011
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