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Someone good looking, charming, and posses an attractive aura. A handsome man with determination and drive; a good sense of humor, easy going and carefree. A strong man that is on the path to being very successful.
Scottie, you're great!!
by forget-me-not February 05, 2010
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A good friend that many long to have. This is friend who usually suffers from depression, and is accustomed to heart-break. A Scottie is somebody you shouldn't take for granted, and you should let him know often how much he means to you. This is somebody that will lie for you, die for you, do ANYTHING for you...especially if they like you. This is somebody who falls in love easily....but tries not to show it--at least at first. He likes late-night calls with girl friends, and has many good friends he couldnt live without. If any good friends that he was close to move away, he usually thinks of them EVERYDAY. This is somebody who, if you dont show that he is appreciated, will leave. Finally, when he gets hurt he tries not to show it....but it scars and he never heals. He NEEDS people, but is not a very social person.
To a depressed friend: "Dude! Cheer up! Stop being such a Scottie, geez!"

Girl to Boyfriend: "Awwwwww your such a Scottie :)"

From good friend: "Thanks for being there for me, Scottie!" :)
by friend_of_scottie April 12, 2011
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A good ole country boy, loves his girl with all of his heart. He's a loyal, trustworthy, adorable boy. He's perfect, but he won't ever admit it, no matter how many times he's told. He's very good with his hands, good with children, and animals. He is also very attractive, sexy, muscular, and tall. The man of every girls dream, but only one girl gets his heart. Is also an athletic boy, football is his game. He is boyfriend material, he's the best boyfriend any girl could ask for, he's a sweetheart, and is only sweet to his girl. And no matter what, he will always love her. He is also a fighter, fights for what he loves, never with his loves. He fights, and wins. He's not a loser. He doesn't quit, especially on the one's he loves the most. Overall, Scottie is the kind of man you want in your life, as a friend, or boyfriend. If you know one, treat him right, never lead him on, he has a rough past. You do him good, he'll treat you great
Wow, Scottie is so perfect, I wish he was my boyfriend, he's so darn sexy!
by NeverForgetToLive February 22, 2013
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The infrequently utilized and slightly unorthodox process by which a male inserts his limp penis into the ear of an eager girlfriend and then proceeds to have an erection until the entire auditory canal is filled by the penis, subsequently providing temporary partial hearing loss while inducing twisted pleasure unbeknownst to most normal humans.
Damn bro, I was with this chick last night that told me to fill every hole on her body, and after I got done with the normal shit she said "You forgot one, give me a Scottie!". I said wtf is that and after she told me I gave her a Scottie. This crazy bitch goes all the way!

After I pleasured her with a nice friendly angry dragon, I gave her a Scottie, and now I think she's calling the cops.
by Pussy Buffet, PhD July 24, 2010
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a person who gets you hooked on everything they say and then doesnt call you
Man, Scottie was supposed to call me back today.

Man, Scottie was supposed to call me back yesterday.

Man, Scottie is one triflin' @$$ nigga.
by 1 frustrated gurl January 09, 2005
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A substance that sends one in a positive vertical direction.

From the Star Treck character Scottie, who beamed up other characters on the show.
YockHamptons: Do you want some Scottie?

The Surgeon: Yes, beam me up.
by The Surgeon April 23, 2005
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Adjective. Being unexplainable in stupidity.
Person A- _____ came out of the closet!

Person B - What does that mean?

Person A- Oh my God! You're such a freaking Scottie!

Person B- I am not!
by ^.^ Molls (= March 29, 2010
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