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A small hick town in southwestern Pennsylvania where everyone thinks that they are either professional athletes or rap on SoundCloud. All the old people claim it was a great town when they were kids, but they all have Alzheimer's from breathing soot from the coal ovens. The majority of 14 year olds are either smoker, knocked up or in a gang. Thely town where you can get blasted off coke with your uncle on a lawnmower. The cops are dicks, there is nothing to do, and if you think Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania has trashy teenagers, come down the road to good old Scumdale and see for yourself.
Friend: Man I feel like I wanna drag race by Sheetz in Scottdale, Pennsylvania.
Me: Oh no you don't, nobody wants to get stopped by a Scottdale cop.
by PersonYouKnow005 May 22, 2018
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