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A character from the game heavy rain, a "detective"who suffers from athsma, trying to find evidence of the origami killer, in the beginning he meets a prostitute named Lauren winter, and later partners with her (no not that partner even though she is a prostitute) but at the end of the game *spoiler* it is revealed that, Scot Shelby is actually, the origami killer, he was trying to get evidence for the origami killer, so he can destroy it, he knows how to not get caught because, infact he used to be a cop and the way he gets children is to pretend to be police officer to trick children into death, he does it by trapping them in some sort of container, and waits for it to fill up with rain water, Scott does this because his brother died in a similar way, possibly traumatizing him, causing him to go crazy. Scott's original name was John Sheppard.
Guy 1: Scott shelby is my favorite character
Guy 2: no Ethan is better
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by The classic memer July 25, 2018
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