obtaining goods from the local convenient store, without paying,
Hey bro, I just free scored two beers from that liquor store, lets drink up
by bluebrotha September 8, 2019
Somebody who makes their nba takes based on the box score

Also a goated podcast
Donovan Mitchell dropped 34 last night he’s so good
Bro he shot 34% ur such a box score warrior
by Boiiii123333 March 4, 2021
When one regularly and consistently scores lower than every other players and or the average score in any given game or contest.
" And coming in last with the Leslie score is ironically Leslie"
by Gioadn October 4, 2020
A player (typically very obnoxious) that is obsessed with beating your high scores. They will follow you on leaderboards for the sole purpose of getting a score higher than yours so they can brag about it...causing you to either take time out of your day to go "fix it", or let them gloat forever.
Player 1: Hahahaha. Look! I beat your high scores again on 3 maps today. Tee hee hee. I can't believe it!! Blah blah high score blah blah blah scores blah blah highest score blah blah blah score.
Player 2: Ugh. I'll have to go fix it. Thanks, you score whore.
by P0SITR0NIK October 20, 2021
this term is used to tell someone they know what’s happening or another way of saying hello, typically used in britain
brit 1: wagwan, listen to this tune

brit 2: mad tune

brit 1: you know the score pal
by MAN7IC January 23, 2022
Being bumped up in hockey based on your points
My son was score checked from B team to A team for being top scorer
by Phunk420 March 21, 2018
1. To have sexual relations with various loose women.

2. To pick up promiscuous women.

3. Dating one or more easy women.
Tyrese headed down to the bar to try and score on hoes.
by Shanefpt March 4, 2016