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Verb (V.): to 'Scoop'

When someone or something is completely and overwhelmingly dominated in an tremendously humiliating way. Worse form of "pwnage," "ownage," "domination," "mastery," and "paramountcy" possible.

Used to demonstrate absolute mastery over one's entire being. It is also a technique used to deliver physical, mental, emotional, social, and at times, spiritual scarring to its victims, generally known as "Scoopees."

May be used in daily situations, such as when speaking with friends and family, or may be used through various forms of media, such as music, movies, and video games.

Can also be used as an abasing innuendo, or as a threat in which no one will know how to respond to, thus creating confusion, which in turn creates an opportunity for the "Scooper" to "Scoop that Jelly."

It has been said that he who attains the highest level of "Scoopage" shall be called great in all the land, and shall be regarded as God-King in the sight of all men.

Honored Scoopers throughout history include, but are not limited to:

George Washington
- for Scooping the establishment of British tyranny and founding the United States for what it is today.

Winston Churchill
- for setting in motion the mass-Scoopage that took place against the Nazi oppression during WWII.

Martin Luther King
- for Scooping the civil principles of hate and injustice during the 1950's and 60's.

Mother Theresa
- for Scooping the ignorance and indifference of the world with a kind and loving hand.
Example 1:

Team 1 (Scoopee):
"You fools are going to get dominated. There's no chance. We're the best team here. You're going to be destroyed."

Team 2 (Scooper):
"Don't worry about us, princess, we're just polishing up our tools so we can mercilessly and endlessly Scoop that beautiful Jelly of yours..."

Team 1 (Scoopee):

Example 2:

President of the United States:
"My fellow Americans...we're going to ship our boys overseas to Scoop some fierce and belligerent Jelly...and we shall emerge victorious, with our Scoopers tainted with glorious supremacy..."

Example 3:

"But mom, I don't wanna clean my room! I don't wanna!!"

"Boy, if you don't clean your room, I'm gonna Scoop that Jelly so hard, not only is it going to make you bleed and cry, but it's going to go down in Time magazine as the worst Scoopage incident since the fall of man!!"

Example 4:

Akaido: "Hey, Rican, if I call you 'Ben,' will you call me 'Jerry?'"

EskimoRican: "Sure, but why am I going to call you that?"

Akaido: "Because together, we're like "Ben & Jerry's"...we stay Scoopin' that Jelly."

by Akaido17x August 12, 2008
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A sexual action most times used before sex. This action consists of a male pleasuring a female by putting his fingers (most times he puts 2 fingers) inside a womans vagina and massages the inside of her vagina and/or at time quickly taking his fingers inside and out fastly, Creating lots of pleasure for the female. Most times during this action the woman can moan in satisfaction or antisipation. Sometimes this action can be used by a womon and a male, a woman and a woman, or a woman by herself.

The rubbing of a woman's vagina by herself or by someone else.
Bethanna- i heard that your sister got "satisfied" last night
Africa- Yeah i know im the one that told Daisy that told you
Bethanna- How did you find out?
Africa- I heard her moan, then she yelled "YES, scoop that jelly!!!"
Bethanna- OMG
by Big, Blonde and BEAUTIFUL! March 22, 2010
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