It is when a male is too scared to try something or doesn't want to complete a simple task because he may get into trouble.

also can be used as an insult when you know that you can kick the other male's ass if he attacked you.
"Hey Albert! Go ring that person's doorbell and run."
"No guys i dont want to."
"Dude...Stop being such a school-boy bitch"

"Oh Carl? He's just a school-boy bitch. I can kick his ass."
by goozfraba October 26, 2007
This term should be used properly at any given time, when someone is acting like a pussy.
Chan doesnt want to smoke the hooka. And matt replies back to him "uhh listen to chan, hes gone soft on us, like a SCHOOL BOYED BITCH!
by school boyed bitch February 14, 2005
Someone who types this to a girls myspace pic
School Boy Bitch-what it is girl!? you got cho stunaz on, you got cho thizz face... kinda goin on lol, you got cho gang sign all thrown up, youz a gansta!! look at cho bad self! oooo and damn girl, youz even got cho self a twinkle in them shades, youz pimpn fa sho. do tha damn thing chell, do the damn. looks like youz was holdin it down on that ship, doin it real big. i see you i see you, fa sho fa sho. haha nah but on the real, you be lookin hecka cute in this pic, youz a dime piece fa sho :) much love to ya (T.A. girl definitely T.A.)
by Jim Mast June 14, 2008