A school is a hellhole that forces children and teenagers to close their minds and learn only what the government wants them to learn. A place where they deny children of hats, sunglasses or in extreme cases, chewing gum, and make them sit down for over 5 hours straight.
Since there's a bunch of different kids in a school, they generally piss each other off, and create groups that make fun of each other.
A school will tell you this: Include everyone! Don't include people who are bad! ...?
Schools have rules banning certain words... even though they're just words and don't even offend anybody.
Don't agree with the school? Go to a school councellor... good luck with that.

Kid and school councellor:
Councellor: You beat up another kid. Why?
8-year-old: Cause if I didn't he would have beat me up.
Councellor: That is not a good reason.
8-year-old: So you're saying we should all let ourselves get beat up?
Councellor: ...(hesitates)... um, I've seen this situation about 1000 times before, but I've never been able to solve it, I just do this cause of the money the government pays me.

by vampire ghost October 07, 2006
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A place where young, innocent, defencless children are kept prisoner and forced to learn useless stuff like algebra that won't count for fuck when they're old enough to get employed....
multiply out the brackets...


...would someone like to explain to me...WHAT THE HELL THIS IS???
by Shaz April 15, 2003
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12 years or more of shit streamed bollox that is taught to you just because your brain can just about handle it. Teachers don't understand that children are human beings and instead like to enforce ridiculus rules just because they are in a room that is by a stupid law.. theirs. 6 hours of the day you are sent to this virtual prison. When you finally escape and have the freedom to do as you please you realise that those homework leg chains clamp you to your desk and unless you write about something you have already learned you will not get unlocked. Even if you abuse these chains you become then taken back to the prison for extra time for not writing out 5 times what you already know. Why do we have to do it? "To realise the opportunities in life and get a good job a live a normal life with an average job" you forgot with taxes and loans and crap still forcing us into social breakdown just because you decided to spend that little extra on yourself. Is it a shame to enjoy yourself? No it isn't. School seems to make people think it is
Teacher: I said stop talking!!

Student: (quiet muttering)


Teacher: Why didn't you do your homework?

Honest student: I had other homework to do and also i needed some time to chill out. You only gave us a day to do it.

by Matthew Legg May 23, 2006
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a place that no kid in their right mind likes to go.

a hangout place where you can sleep and hang with friends all day

a place that your parents say is "essential to attend"
Dude school is so fucking pointless I mean when are we ever gonna need to know what year the civil war started?
by fuck the preps April 24, 2005
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A place where you go to until you are an adult where you get taught how to solve the opposite angles of triangles and the humour in Shakespeare, but nothing about how to pay a bill, write a cheque, find a flat.

(To all saying that school is necessary for a decent life, I challenge that having a brain is required for a decent life. I'm a college dropout yet I'm doing well enough at the moment working for a decent company in a job that's a laugh riot compared to the dejection, bullying and harassment suffered in education from the age of 5.)
"Don't they teach you anything in school these days?"
- "Er, not really, we learn how to ace standardised tests"
by Archie2K January 11, 2004
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