1. Hell on earth. 2. Resembling a prison, but prisons are better. 3.A place meant to torture young minds so they can grow up and become just like the bum who lives by the river. 4. Something that will be banned when I conquer the world, someday.
by Copycat January 17, 2004
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a place where you become brainwashed about facts that dont have any bearing on your future.
My social studies teacher tried to brain wash use all, by saying america is the greatest country god only loves america god hates all other countries, liberals are pussies, George Bush knows all.
by van-mc-a-mortea August 05, 2004
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The place where we all have to go to for the first eighteen years of our lives, get every ounce of individuality squeezed out of us to create so-called uniformity, and everyone secretly hates each other but everyone hugs everyone else anyways. A big waste of time unless there is a good optional art program in my opinoin.
School is only necessary for minors. It really sucks sometimes.
by CharmedButObsessed September 10, 2005
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The place where you skip periods in the bathrooms, sitting on 50-year-old heaters. You don't even get in trouble.

Once I went into the bathroom and instead of being told to get back to my assigned spot, I was told to get off the heater because it might fall off the wall. o_0
A School Scene
Teacher: Mrs. Biotch

MRS BIOTCH: Get in your seats class. We've got some propoganda to drill into you. :)
STUDENT 1: We don't want to, you biotch.
Mrs Biotch: Detention.
Student 2: Come ON guys. Let's work!
Mrs Biotch: To find the area of a circle, multiply the radius squared times pi.
Students 1 & 3: How can you not get it, you imbecile. -_-
Mrs Biotch: Detention for both of you! No ridiculing MY favorite student. :beams at Student 2:
Students 1, 3-20: Erm, you only like her because she does all the work.
Student 2: So? I'm so smart!!!!
Students 1, 3-20: *sigh*
Mrs Biotch: Yes, you are smart! :beams at Student 2:
Students 1, 3-20: Come on, Mrs. Biotch! How can you be that shallow? -_-
by Asti March 08, 2006
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a waste of fucking time and a prison for the youth of our nation
if you dont go you get a truancy ticket
by Brad Peezy November 06, 2003
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school better known as a prision for kids though the age of 18 good for hold teenage drivers so i can drive in peace
by Tommy D October 29, 2004
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