a place only fools go. some know it as a real hell whole
hi ted where you going?
ted:stfu bitch im going to school
by givemehead5 November 22, 2019
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A stupid, idiotic, imbecilic, flaming pit of despair where you are stuffed full of menial bullshit you will never use beyond this crapload of a building where the teachers jam unimportant facts down your throat, that they are only doing so that they can paid for a measly job where a shitbag principal and other teachers are ordered to teach you math, reading and writing, but not how to get a fucking job. These teachers jam shit down your throat and guess what? Don't understand it? TOO BAD! This is your life and you'd better get fucking started on this waste of childhood, working even harder than others because you don't understand. You don't understand how drawing an idiotic 3-D cube in art class helps you become a fucking DOCTOR!!
Man: You ever think about that worksheet that you finished in fifth grade, in you elementary school? Did you ever need that again?
Woman: Fuck no.
by Zack Heligan April 28, 2020
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The perfect way to motivate yourself and others to commit suicide.
colored stick figures are in this skit
Blue: i’m Going to kill myself toDay but i’m not Motivated
Green: I know!
Green: go to school!
(Goes to school)
Blue: okay that was pretty horrible but not horrible enough
Green: oh yeah I forgot
Green: you have to do work from school at home
Blue: (jumps out a window)
Blue: bye bye! Love to Magenta and the kids!
(O O F)
Green: bye bye!
by AyaANdAsWag June 15, 2019
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Equivalent to Hell. A place where your guardian/parent drop you off so you don't destroy the house. The literal death of me. Where school shootings take place (R.I.P to all school shooting victims). Where you have to spend 12 long years of life (or 120 months). Long story short, school is equivalent to Donald Trump supporters. (No offense).
"Jonathan time for-"
"Nooooooooo mom please please PLEASE I'm begging you! I'll clean my room, I'll do the dishes, FOR JESUS SAKE I'LL DO THE LAUNDRY! I don't wanna go to school!!!!"
via giphy
by BtsFanatics November 20, 2018
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1. Hell on earth. 2. Resembling a prison, but prisons are better. 3.A place meant to torture young minds so they can grow up and become just like the bum who lives by the river. 4. Something that will be banned when I conquer the world, someday.
by Copycat January 17, 2004
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