1. Something that proves that our parents don't love us.
2. An education area but awesome teachers let us play games and watch movies.
1. "Mommy, if you really loved me, then you wouldn't send me to school."
2. "Okay class. We're going to watch 'The Princess and the Frog'"
by TheOriginalHobo October 27, 2012
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What kids have to go through 17 years of and is based entirely on memorizing useless facts and words for a test one week then pushing those out of their heads and new ones in over and over again for 7-9 months a year. See hell and prison
Student 1: What the fuck does the word err mean, and what was the battle of Bull Run?

Student 2: Who gives a shit we just have to forget it next week.

Student 1: School sucks ass.

Student 2: You found this out just now?
by R.M.J. July 01, 2009
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Going to school against your will has the equivalent life-shortening effect of smoking 94,254 cigarettes. 8 hours a day times 180 days a year times 60 minutes divided by 11 minutes lost per cigarette. This calculation doesn't take into account homework, so the number of cigarettes would be even higher.
One valuable thing I learned from school is to never have children so they won't have to go through what I did.
by Wm. Wallace the Freedom Fighter September 10, 2007
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a smelly shity place made out of bricks were kids go to be pushed around by gay principles and techers.it is a jail were you learn

school is for education...and a prision for kids to suffer
by baka_kuso_yarou July 12, 2005
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just a cheap babysitter. a boring place you go to waste your timee!! just made to make kids miserable. and stress about homework. waste of tax money. the only good thing about school is your friends.
by mr.crabs December 23, 2009
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Dictionary Definition-a building where young people receive education;

True Defention: the Place where you suffer for 12 years of your life. im sure you know it where you learn for 6 1/2 hours and then they give you homework possibly the worst place in the world.
son: mum can i stay at home today

mum: why?

son: school is depresing and stupid

Mum: I know i used to go the for 15 years

son: wat

Mum: nothing
by Mr.uber1337ww August 08, 2009
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