a place for parents to put there kids while they do amusing things
prison for kids where they are trapped for 7 hours
by hemp January 29, 2005
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A shitty place where they teach you useless crap which you'll probably forget by the time you're an adult, and I'm not even mentioning that it also fucks up the social life of many students and that its one of main causes of teen suicide worldwide
Teacher: What is the smallest town in Russia?
Student: How is this going to help us in our future?
Teacher: That's it you just gained yourself a detention!
Student: Why?!
Teacher: Another detention!
Student: FUCK! D:<
by sos4a August 11, 2009
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Where you're forced to spend hours learning something you don't need, because I know of so many times when I'm at my job and need to know what some ancient civilization died out. Math is decent, but you can take out most of the crap in it you only need if your a real-estate agent. A lot of science can be taken out, but leave just a little. English should stop when your in 4th or 5th grade. So when your done taking away useless stuff, theres a 3-4 hour day that starts at 10 am and ends at 1 or 2 pm. But that makes too much sence so they have to keep adding more days and weeks to the year because they say we don't learn enough already. Then they say if we're gonna make them all think the same, we should make them dress the same.. So, stripped of your rights that so many soldiers die(d) for each day. God bless America!
School sucks. everyone knows deep inside, no matter how old they are, no matter how smart they are, no matter what race gender or anything, they all know that school was the biggest waste of time they were ever forced into sence they were forced out a vagina.
by Balph December 01, 2007
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A place where you learn stuff that is useless.A complete waste of my time.
I dont want to go to school Monday.
by Allison August 28, 2004
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A place where anyone from small children to young adults are forcibly trained to the industrial life of liveing by an alarm clock and bell schedule. (think about it) Learning is just a side affect.
Oh damn, I'm gonna be late for school. (again, think about it, really hard)
by The Almighty Sapling July 11, 2004
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Also see Hell and Prison. A concentration camp for children. Teachers seem to forget they are human beings and treat them like animals. They are taught how to act, behave, speak, dress and all the stuff that under democracy, you should be allowed to do yourself. Forced to go through painstakingly long lessons and expected to concentrate throughout them or you get your head blown off by the teachers. School sucks!
Teacher: Hey, you! This is school stop looking at the clock we have been doing non stop algebra sums for only an hour and twenty minutes! Concentrate now you lazy sod!

Student: Please sir I can't concentrate my brain is really tired, can you give us a 5 minute break?

Teacher: Detention
by Shezood January 06, 2006
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