the trashiest thing ever in the world. school bully us and they torture us. its hell. they want you to get fucked up. they kill trees by simply using a lot of paper. they dont let you go to the W-C even if u feel your gonna piss on your self. they dont let you drink water ( they ask you to say the answer but you cant since you couldn't drink water). they make you sit on plastique chairs for 7 fucking hours. they make you memorize things for nothing like history that was in the past. we pay more than 10000 (in my school) and they are so cheap to get amazing WiFi, and other stuff
dude1: bitch wtf is this school
dude2: its school its torturing us
by memes_for_life November 21, 2019
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A total waste of time. Honestly, when will we ever have to know geometry/trigonometry/calculus in "the real world"?
friend: why do you look depressed?
Me: school makes Friday feel like a Monday.
friend: tru dat
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by cancer awareness March 26, 2019
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