The hellhole where you must learn about things that don't matter the place were the teachers don't give a fuck about your problems and the place were children fight each other for stupid reasons even if they don't know each other.
Tommy: hey billy how come you weren't at school i mean hell yesterday?
by quickshot March 13, 2006
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place of torture that kids are foreced to go to for 13 years.
i hate school. do i really have to go today???
by alexandra nichole August 09, 2005
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A school is somewhere you learn... Learn...yeah right like half of those who finished that awful place even learned how to brush they're own teeth...
Man, I feel like taking my own life and spend eternity in hell...let's go to school!
by ingrid July 14, 2004
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School: Segregating Classes Hosted by Odd Obese Lawers. After the Medieval Era ended, the last few surviving demons fled to a continent that would later on be called a sovereign nation (America). As the years passed, the demons began to call themselves "poloticians" (Paranoid Obese Lethargic Organic Telepaths In Cheap Imputive suits Answering by Nincompoop Shitheads) and came up with many hellish ideas. One of these was the S.C.H.O.O.L. Of course no one realized the full effect that this "hell in a building" idea would do. So it is up to the "Dropouts" (Dangerous Rebels Outing Poloticians Under Tyranus Schools) to destroy Schools forever...
Schools: A fucking gay place where DEMORCRACY is known as a DICTATORSHIP!!!!
by ro91 November 25, 2005
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School IS HELL it is the worst place were helpless little children are learning useless things like algebra etc

y=? just like school= hell

homework-a stupid idea wen kids are dong school they want to relax but nooo they have to spend another hour on homework god dammit!
school=hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell
by Christopher jeremic October 30, 2007
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