School is a torture chamber within a large facility that is known as a "city". A city exists to trap us within a false society because in reality, we're all imprisoned in asylums from being driven insane by the revelation of something that should have been common knowledge.
Guy 1: Hey where did my brother go?
Guy 2: He was sent to school because he apparently didn't know that people die when they get killed.
by Xesthan March 02, 2014
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Student 1: I hate school!
Student 2: Bitch don't even get me started
by JadaJ December 28, 2015
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Six Cruel Hours of our Lives. An excuse for teachers to make you work for free (See also slavery).
The person who invented school is the most hated person in the world.
by schoolequalsboredom September 23, 2013
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a place with people who tear you apart. people who annoy the shit outta you. and adults who tells us what to do, when do to it, how to act, when to use the restroom, when to talk, cry, laugh, or breathe.

school is a place where i stopped learning anything useful since 5th grade and now it’s where i sit in my thoughts triggering depression.
fuck school
i was fine during the summer but once school came i felt so alone
by teensarebasic December 30, 2019
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It's a place where parents and the government force their children to go to to get an education. Most of the stuff you learn there is useless and is never used in real life. You don't learn stuff like survival skills, life skills, ect.. You learn bullcrap like run on sentences, how your blood gets from your head to your heart, etc.. This is why kids are so dumb and get into drugs, because parents are stupid enough to believe their kid actually learn something.
Parent: you don't go to school I'm giving you up for adoption. Your future depends on school.
Kid: But I want to work at walmart and they don't teach you anything about that.
Parent: Your going back to the adoption center, you little sh*t.
And that's how the kid become a crack addict and never got their dream job. Walmart.
by THEREALDIC. March 05, 2017
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1. the place where you get made fun of
2. the place where you get panic attacks from teachers randomly calling on you
3. the place where idiot popular girls talk behind your back
4. hell
5. the place that causes you to get suicidal thoughts.
6. so much more.
school makes me want to end my life weekly.
by reallyman11 March 25, 2017
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