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just like the first one, school was a waste of my life, too.
i learned i was dumber than everyone, that people only hate who's different for no reason and that drugs make money just like prostitutes do - because nobody cares and if you're not a somebody already, then no one will ever care until college. Actually college was OK. But nobody cared, just the independence and chance to succeed was OK. But I failed. So it was a waste of my life.
A-Why don't you go to school there, boy? Make something of yourself.
B-Great idea! Thaaanks.
A-I'm kidding, you fag. Suck my dick for cash instead.
B-Asshole, and you call yourself government. School -- waste of my life.
(Based on a true story)
by live to 100 anyway June 07, 2010
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Where u do nothing
where old 50 yr old guys try 2 get u
where semi old women try to seduce u in the arts of lerning literature that u dont give a f**k about
where u space out in 5 minutes
where u get laid in the best ways
cant think of anything
skool is pointless
by JaY - BlaSe December 11, 2003
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