Derived from World War 1, when Germany tried to attack France from behind but still lost.

The modern derivative means 'To go in from behind, and still end up getting fucked'.
"I tried to give her anal, but she pulled a Schlieffen Plan on me. Now I can't walk straight."
by The Bald Garbage Collector February 21, 2020
Kissing a girl on the lips and slowly kissing lower and lower until you get to the pussy. For all you World War I buffs, if you get stopped outside the border its the First Battle of the Marne. If she quoefes, it is the Battle of the Ypres.
I was goin down on my gal usin the Schlieffen Plan.
by J Faust February 9, 2005
The act of convincing a female that you are going to make sweet love in her vagina, and then right before penetration, unbeknownst to her, you spin said female around and penetrate her anal cavity until fatal and or serious internal bleeding commences. The result of aforementioned interior bleeding is an easily identifiable ring of blood around the base of the shaft... of the penis.
Last night at band practice we had the best schlieffen plan ever, it took an entire roll of bounty to remove the rings of blood from the participants dongs.
by Where's Ten? December 1, 2004
The Schlieffen Plan, the German General Staff's overall strategic blueprint for victory on the western front against France in the years up to 1914, takes its name from its author, Alfred Graf von Schlieffen. In essence it envisaged a rapid German mobilisation, disregard of Luxembourg, Belgian and Dutch neutrality, and the overwhelming sweep of German armies through Belgium southwards in the back of the French defences pivoting on weakly-held left-wing positions in the province ofAlsace-Lorraine. Paris was not to be taken but to be by-passed in the east. The plans intention was not to conquer cities or industry in order to weaken the French war efforts - the plan was to capture most of the French army and to force France to surrender. Following the speedy defeat of France, von Schlieffen envisaged switching German concentrations to the Eastern Front.

Schlieffen regularly updated details of his master plan as a labour of love even after his retirement from the General Staff in 1905, but his successor, Helmuth von Moltke (the younger) weakened the plan's execution in 1914 at the beginning of World War I, avoiding invading the Netherlands, weakening the German right wing and maintaining forces in the threatened East Prussia. Stubborn French resistance also contributed to the plan's failure in 1914. However, a modified form of Schlieffen's concept proved effective over the same terrain in the defeat of France in 1940 (Manstein's Sichelschnitt).
If at first you don't succeed, try tray again!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 2, 2004
The act of avoiding someone and/or thing, by means of causing a disturbance or bringing discomfort to those in your way, to reach a desired goal that may or may not bring satisfaction to the performer.

Originally coined by the Germans in WWII to flank France by moving through Belgium (Without Belgium's consent) by force, to create a second point of attack. The "Von Schlieffen Plan".
Following my awkward sexual experience with a dirty slut last night, I saw said slut at McDonald's the next morning. To avoid being seen, I quickly used the Von Schlieffen Plan by strangling a kitten and throwing it at the cashier, giving me the chance to run out the back door.
by Das Ginge December 13, 2011