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(1)anthropomorphic red fox of German and Scottish descent who enjoys consuming alcohol especially Gold Schlager or Jaegermeister.

(2)name derives from two factors: (a)Schlager for his fondness of the drink (b)Fuchs which is the German word for fox.
"Man, that Schlager Fuchs sure can hold his liquor!"
by Matthew MacDougall November 14, 2007
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pronunciation : "Shlogger Fux" derived from Gold Schlager and the German word fuchs meaning fox also just known as Schlagewr or just fox
(1) Anthropomorphic fox character by Matthew MacDougall
(2) red fox with blue hair tuft and tail tip, but still bearing otherwise traditional red fox markings
(3)usually accompanied by his mate StarKitty
(4) part of the small but proud group of heterosexual male furries
(5) music, gaming, movie and comic book geek
(6) most importantly a laid back, kind and easy to get along with guy
Furry #1 "Hey, who brought all the Mountain Dew for the meet?"

Furry #2 "Oh, Schlager Fuchs and StarKitty did."

Furry #1 "Awesome!"
by Schlager Fuchs November 06, 2007
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