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So I kinda-sorta felt obligated to represent the "Scene" (I'd do it regardless though) for this day, and age, due to all the outdate entries here on urban dictionary. First off you shouldn't be reading entries on Urban Dictionary on how to be scene (because then you'd be trying to fit in), but if you're going to you might as well read a correct and/or accurate entry right? I mean some of the entries you're reading are as old as 2005 (hence: almost 5 years ago). So yeah an update is well needed.

I don’t think that the hairstyle, back in 2005, really applies anymore. So, imo, I suggest having/creating your own unique hairstyle or trying one of the other variety of hairstyles invented already (fact: it’s 76 of them) because then you won’t seem like a generic "old" scene kid. Dying your hair one bright color would also be pretty fly to, but w/e. Oh, btw, coontails are "out". Sorry Kiki Kannibal, you’re a has-been again.

Eh. I’d like to say you MUST have piercings, but it’s not really needed. If you do decided to get them, though, try to get something that’s not used all the time. I mean, imo, snakebites are "out" and pretty emo. I suggest getting angelbites. I mean they sound more positive and look hella tight. Maybe a septum too. Gauged Ears. Make-up. Eyeliner/Guyliner. Big Glasses.

So the clothes right? Some people say that Scene Kids dress Indie now, but that’s what they said about Scene Kids dressing Emo. It might be true and it might now. Honestly, imo, Scene is a freedom of expression and pretty much dressing aesthetically. So I say wear what you like. But if generally it’s based around bright colours, make sure your colours are bright. Alright? And as far as being mismatched goes I’d say that’s "out" too. Dress in a reasonable manner please. :D Oh, btw, get body art (as in tattoos). Skinny jeans, but make sure they're comfortable and not to tight (health issues). I'd like to say tight shirts as well. Tight V-necks and/or Band Tees. Small Vest. Tight Hoodies. Tight Flannel Shirts. A more sophisticated, yet free-supportive look.

Social networks is a must: Myspace, Facebook, Stickam, Buzznet, etc. Photoshop to retouch those pictures. Not so childish, but still a hella cute side. And pretty much anything else you'd like to input.

Overall you all need to remember that Scene has become more then just a trend. It's a subculture and a lifestyle for some people and when you go and tarnish it...well it makes everything much worst and brings upon nasty stereotypes. The old scene is dead and gone. Please leave it that way.

Lustrous! <3
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Scene Kid 2009-? Guide.
by Louis Lustrous September 11, 2009
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