The best boyfriend ever will never cheat and is very sweet. Also a really good friend. They are very funny people and big time joksters.
Person 1: You see that guy over there?
Persons: Yeah he is laughing with his buddy he must be a Sawyer
by Madelynn Mahin November 30, 2019
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a selfish guy who calls girls the b word
Sawyer: you're a bitch
girl: ...
girl2: wtf Sawyer
by Elizabeth Ann Hanke July 22, 2020
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Definetly better than you at everything. He is also ridiculously hit and every girl like him. He is soooo smart and everybody loves him. Don’t try to mess with him because he is insanely strong. Overall just better than you and you wish you could be him.
Girl- β€œOMG Sawyer just looked at me I’m going to faint!”
Other girl-β€œNo. Way. You are so lucky!”
by Whatyoujustreadaboveistrue November 17, 2019
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the most annoying pos ever he's so gay and ugly but sometimes a good friend
by sawyer gay December 02, 2019
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